MGM Resorts remains in disarray for travelers amid cybersecurity crisis

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Things might be better than they were a week ago, but it appears to still be a case of hit-or-miss mayhem at MGM Resorts following a “cybersecurity issue” the company acknowledged earlier this month.

MGM Resorts late Tuesday night posted to its X, formerly known as Twitter, social media account that “Our resort services, dining, entertainment, pools and spas are operating normally and welcoming thousands of guests each day. Our gaming floors, including slots, table games, and poker rooms are open.”

The company later noted Wednesday afternoon “all of our hotels and casinos are operating normally.”

But social media reports, and even MGM’s own website, indicate there is still plenty of work to do before the resort experience returns to normal. Even the comments section to MGM’s latest update indicates the company’s mobile app is still not working, among other ongoing issues.

A Reuters report states the company was targeted by the Scattered Spider hacker group via the company’s identity software, Okta. CBS News reported that hackers similarly targeted Caesars Entertainment, which paid millions of dollars in ransom but still saw a “significant number” of loyalty customer data stolen.

MGM’s online reservations system is still down, and MGM’s website notes it is waiving change and cancellation fees for guests with reservations through Sunday, Sept. 24.

The company still hasn’t responded to TPG’s request for comment. It has provided minimal public statements save for a Sept. 12 announcement first acknowledging the cybersecurity issue and that it had notified law enforcement. Two days later, MGM Resorts posted a statement to its X account that the company was continuing to “work diligently to resolve our cybersecurity issue.”

Tuesday night’s post still appears to make things sound much better than they actually have been in recent days for guests and employees at MGM Resorts properties around the world.

Here’s the latest on what to expect if you have an upcoming trip to Las Vegas or anywhere involving a stay at an MGM Resorts property.

What’s working and what’s not at MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts notes that while online reservations are down, guests can still book dining reservations at any MGM Resorts restaurant via the company’s mobile app and website. There are reports that guests can use credit cards at bars and restaurants, but many of these transactions are handled manually.

You can also book spa or salon services.

While users can also view concerts, shows and other entertainment options via MGM’s app, it appears the company is still directing guests to book tickets via third-party websites like Ticketmaster.

Social media reports still show a state of bedlam at these properties. MGM Resorts is losing as much as $8.4 million a day from the cybersecurity issue, according to an analyst cited by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Jacob Orth, a Las Vegas-based content creator, noted Sunday night that slot machine payouts were done by hand, ATM services were inconsistent, televisions in guest rooms weren’t working, complimentary room nights weren’t redeemable and the sportsbook operations were inconsistent.

MGM’s Tuesday update indicates visitors may use various slot rewards and free play; MGM also said slot ticket-in and ticket-out operations are running. However, the company added there still might be “intermittent issues.”

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that MGM Resorts did waive a resort fee to a couple who asked at check-in, according to Orth’s report.

How to plan ahead if you are staying at MGM Resorts

For those still moving ahead on a stay at an MGM Resorts property, build in plenty of time to navigate check-in, checkout and any amenities at your chosen hotel. Mobile check-in and digital keys are still unavailable. Manual payments and payouts are still leading the charge at many components of these hotels, and that takes time for staffers to fulfill.

If you think your data was breached following a stay at an MGM Resorts or Caesars Entertainment property, some leading recommendations to protect your information include changing your passwords and setting up two-factor authentication to get into your personal information like bank accounts.

Check for updates from these companies and keep a close eye on all your accounts and credit score in the event of identity theft. You can find a full list of resources by heading to the Federal Trade Commission’s platform by clicking here.

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