Sakar NERF Nerf Night Action Walkie Talkies WT3-01056 | NERF Kids Toys, Large Speaker, Built-In LED Flashlight, Rugged Outside Toys for Kids, Stylish Appearance, Pack of 2 (Blue)




Price: $29.99 - $16.25
(as of Feb 04,2023 01:24:07 UTC – Details)

NERF Night Action Walkie Talkies are the ultimate accessory for any NERF warrior or night time explorer. The fun two-way radios that’ll keep your kids connected and coordinating, our walkie talkies come equipped with large speakers, wide communication ranges, and a built-in flashlight for night time missions. Perfect for camping trips or NERF battles, these walkie talkies provide you everything you need to have an edge over the competition, giving you crystal clear voice quality on an easy-to-use system that anyone can pick up and enjoy! The stylish appearance and rugged outer shell makes these walkie talkies a great choice for any serious NERF lover, giving you the freedom to stay mobile while keeping connected with our easy voice transmission tools. Our walkie talkies even come with a built-in LED flashlight for sending secret light signals or exploring areas in the dark. Whether you need a high quality pair of kids walkie talkies or a fun accessory for any serious NERF player, the NERF Night Action Walkie Talkies have you covered! Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
NERF WALKIE TALKIES: Need something that’ll give you an edge above the competition during NERF battles and kids games? The NERF Night Action walkie talkies for kids give you fantastic kids toys that are perfect for outdoor games for kids 8-12. Our outside toys can give anyone a tactical edge in pretend military operation games, NERF kids outdoor games, and many other kid games. And with our walkie talkies long range, you won’t need to worry about your kids venturing too far away to communicate!
FUN OUTDOOR TOYS: Need boy and girl toys that can improve any outside games? The NERF two way radio is great for any outdoor activities for kids, whether it’s exploring a play tent or competing in toy gun fights. And with a built-in flashlight in each of our kids outdoor toys, the NERF walkie talkies can be used any time of day, making them great girl and boy toys for exploration. They’re the perfect backyard toys for boys and girls in need of cool things to use during kids outdoor activities!
LONG RANGED SPEAKERS: The NERF Night Action walkie talkies provide high quality speakers for voice chat wherever you are, making them great as both indoor play equipment for kids and outdoor kids toys. The easy-to-use girls and boys toys any NERF sniper can utilize, our kids walkie talkies provides a 2 way radio for easy communication between game participants, allowing you to dominate all sorts of outside activities for kids.
STYLISH & DURABLE: The kid toys that’ll keep your children connected with one another, our NERF outdoor toys for kids give you fun spy gear that can be used for NERF battles, nightly exploration sessions, and everything in between! A great addition alongside the NERF Modulus and other blasters, our super cool toys will make your kids feel like a secret agent or backyard warrior, enhancing any outdoor experience!


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